вторник, 8 септември 2015 г.


ДА БЪДЕ ДЕН! Е една от любимите ми творби на Смирненски. Оня ден, на път за работа, получих спонтанен импулс да я преведа на английски. Мисля, че няма официален превод. Така или иначе публикувам го тука. Звучи някак зловещо актуално.


The night is dark and full of horror.
The night is icy cold as death.
And in earth's raptured bosom
hot blood is pouring out ared.
Amidst the smoking waste
there stands a no-eyed demon
and vicious flags of war it waves
whilst sword on sword is clinging.
Beyond night's blinding veil
an eerie silhouette protrudes -
some cross, it seems, of giant scale,
as crowds amass a thousandfold
and start toward it in retreat
at thy wrath, o, Lord of Gold!
Darkness thickens yet again,
the massess - scarcely moving.
Their lungs in crave of air to gain,
their eyes plead light eluding.
One wish, a single dream for all,
burns melting in their souls.
Through tears and bloody toil,
through icy blackness and dismay
a booming cry is catching on:
”Let there be day! Let there be day!”

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